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Favourite Memory

A dear friend of mine wrote me a note today to give me a random virtual hug and to share one of her favourite memories of me. It was just so lovely that I thought I'd share it with you, too.

"You were in Roosters, circa maybe 1998, and you'd come in one afternoon, gone up to the bar, and asked for a big glass of milk. You came back to the table, with said milk, looking all bewildered as to why the Roosters bartenders thought it was such a weird request. It was sweet... and while we all knew (and know) you as a fully grown, rational and intelligent adult, there was something so little-kidish about that."

Stuffie Cuddle Puddle!!

Stuffie Cuddle Puddle!!
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Why Jack Layton Mattered to Me

I really thought he'd win again. It seemed impossible that he wouldn't. He'd fought prostate cancer and won. He'd kicked ass in the federal election. Jack Layton is the man who just keeps getting back up. It didn't even occur to me that he wouldn't fight this and win.

And I'm stunned. I'm stunned that he's gone, and I'm stunned at how upset I am about this. He was the orange knight who was supposed to come back to the House in September and fight for us, protect us against the Conservative dragons.

I have never met Jack Layton. But he did something I didn't think was possible. He made me - and my generation - hopeful about Canadian politics again. During the federal election, my Facebook page was a sea of orange. People were engaged, interested, and best of all, hopeful. We had someone to back. And he was a fighter. He was here at just the right time - someone so likeable that was an alternative to the man with souless eyes and the other guy with that creepy smile.

And he really was likeable. Even people who don't agree with his politics loved him. You wanted to shake his hand.

Layton has had a fantastic career, and I'm not trying to diminish any work he's done when I say this, but he was just getting started. That's why I'm so sad. The only other time I've really been affected by a politician's death was when Trudeau died. I was sad that it was the end of an era, and that a fantastic personality was gone. But his work was done. Jack's was just beginning. And I was so excited about witnessing it.

Conversation with My God-Daughter

(at Billings Museum)
Mistlegoo: (to the woman behind the desk at the museum) If you have a job, you can't get married and have a baby.
Me: Where did you hear that?
Mistlegoo: My Mummy told me.
Me: Really? Because that *really* doesn't sound like something your Mom would say.
Mistlegoo: ... well, I figured it out myself.
Me: Ok, but I have a job and a baby.
Mistlegoo: (eyes bug out) REALLY? What's your job?
Me: I work for the National Capital Commission.
Mistlegoo: Oh.
Me: And who's my baby?
Mistlegoo: Moe. (pause) (eyes suddenly really big) Do you work for MOE?
Me: *pause* Yes.

Ten Years

Ten years ago tomorrow, I married my very best friend.

And we are both as committed to this marriage today as we were ten years ago, when we walked down that aisle together and nearly tripped over some plastic swords.

I have some wonderful memories of our wedding day. I remember how beautiful Natalie and Marsha looked, how funny Cam and Rendell’s speech was, how very pregnant my sister and Jeannie were, and how much fun it was to dance with my friends in a beautiful dress. (I remember getting up really, really early the next morning to run a lap at the Nepean Sportsplex in that dress.) I remember loving my ballet slipper shoes, and seeing Nina and Reg and Bundy’s grandparents sitting in the pews and knowing I’d better treasure this moment. I remember my little brother coming up to me every twenty minutes to tell me how many cups of pop he’d had to drink (the concept of unlimited pop was shiny and exciting). I remember dancing with my little sister to the Spice Girls. I remember how amazing Marsha was, how happy my parents looked.

I remember looking at Bundy and feeling so supported and loved and happy. And I’ve felt that way for the last 10 years.

We’ve travelled – together and apart. We’ve done two trips to Disney World, two trips to Maine, a wonderful tour of Niagara’s wine country, and family vacations to Toronto. We get great pleasure from planning vacations we can’t yet afford. But it doesn’t matter where we go – I just love spending time with Bundy. We have fun going to the grocery store together.

We bought a house and have actually worked to improve it – we lived through hardwood floor installation, new windows and doors, new interlock walkway, a new deck. But anywhere with Bundy is home. Whether we are living in an apartment in the Byward Market or gradually filling a three bedroom townhouse with all our stuff, sharing a space with Bundy makes me happy. I may tear my hair out about the amount of stuff we amass, but having his books and potato heads and other insane stuff around reminds me of how much I love him and how much we have in common. (Because half of this stuff is mine.)

We gave our hearts to a cat named Boo. He was a huge part of our life for many years, and together we cared for him, laughed at him, loved him, cried over him and mourned him. And we were there for him - and for each other - when it was time to say goodbye.

We struggled together, with love and honesty, through many years of being unable to conceive a child. We got through it with a lot of help from our sense of humour. Bundy makes me laugh. Daily. And I know that even if Moe had never come along, I would have still quite happily spent the rest of my life laughing with this wonderful man.

Together we met and fell in love with our niece and our god-daughter, and we have celebrated the weddings and life milestones of many friends. Together we have worked through job loss, his parents’ divorce, and the loss of loved ones.

And together we faced pregnancy, childbirth, suddenly being trusted with a tiny mewling creature who depended on us for everything, and all the decisions that come with that. The past 18 months have been amazing for us as a family, but challenging for us as a couple. But we knew that going in. And we’re getting through it with grace, love, and dedication.

There is nobody with whom I’d rather be doing this. There’s nobody who makes me stronger. There’s nobody who makes me laugh more. There’s nobody who makes me feel loved and cared for like Bundy.

I love you, Bundy. Here’s to 10 incredible years together. And many, many more to come.

August 18, 2001

Kid and Bundy

10 Things I Learned From My Dad

1. A home filled with laughter is a wonderful place to be.
2. Spaghetti tastes better when Stéphane Grappelli is playing.
3. Make room in your life for music.
4. Be on time.
5. Money is all about choices.
6. Terminator was the best thing James Cameron ever did.
7. Make time to be active doing something you love.
8. A ten-second tidy a few times a day goes a long way.
9. Take lots of pictures.
10. Tell your children you're proud of them.

Jun. 17th, 2011

Making a plan for the weekend.

-park visit with lots of exploration in the morning
-time on the deck in the afternoon
-naptime - tidy main floor
-dinner guests

Sunday - Father's Day
-morning visit to the farmer's market
-afternoon - possibly a visit to MDK's pool?

May. 24th, 2011

Had a dream last night that I was back at Glebe for the first day of my last year. No one had given me a timetable, so I had no idea where I was going. I knew I had a math class being taught by Paul Newman, but I couldn't find the room. I was also trying to decide what locker to choose, and as a result was carrying all my stuff with me. Then I got sucked into an outdoor assembly and the principal made a grand entrance like a rock star. He was wearing a wireless headset mic and was super enthusiastic, funny and generally amazing. It was Mr. Dagenais.

I hope that wherever he is now, he is still as awesome. And maybe gets a wireless headset mic.

Good Things

1. Photo gig of a First Communion for two very special kids.
2. Kick-ass rainboots.
3. Back to exercising - pilates and yoga, once a week each.
4. Goldfish crackers at Metro are now a buck cheaper.
5. I made myself tuna salad for lunch. I'm proud of this small foray into meal preparation.
6. Netflix. We have clearly been living under a rock. We'll be cancelling cable next week.
7. Moe cuddles
8. Elise Hyatt's Daring Finds Mysteries
9. An idea I had this morning about how fennec foxes would be great therapists because they always seem to be listening so intently.
10. Teeny tiny single servings of Hagen Daas at Metro.

Good Things

1. Compressed days. I'm off tomorrow! Bundy's off tomorrow morning! We're going to Two Monkeys with Moe. I'm stoked.

2. Saturday we're driving to Chateauguay to visit Bundy's aunt and uncle.

3. Coworkers who refill your jelly-bean jar.

4. Little boys who cuddle with you when you get home from work.

5. Husbands who bring you Godiva chocolates.

6. Stuffed Angry Birds.




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